Mohan Babu starrer ‘Gayatri’ trailer is purely pathetic

Mohan Babu starrer ‘Gayatri’ trailer is purely pathetic
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Some people are sleep walking their way through cinema or they forget their time machine in the past and clearly forgot to move on. Mohan Babu stars in a double role in this ridiculous film of his which clearly looks like a bad 70’s film with mind numb action and provocative dialogues with loud evil laughs comprising of bad acting and if there is a story in the first place, it is the worst. Gayatri is suppose to be a political thriller bt it is just bad and thrashy with the intent of entertaining an audience where it will give a headache.

Mohan Babu is one of the biggest stars in Telugu cinema or so he thinks. He is till doing the same kind of action that he use to back in the day and expect the audience to whistle and applaud where the world has moved ahead a whole lot andwhich is why a film like Agnyaathvaasi that stars none other than power star Pawan Kalyan failed phenomenally on the box office because the content of this film was outdated and Kalyan failed to open his eyes and experience that it is a new day.

Some one like Mohan Babu and Vishnu Manchu must be living under thr ock to not realise that films like Baahubali and Arjun Reddy have graced the screen and a film like Spyder, which was massive and had all the star power in the film failed because Murugadoss did not live up to the hype of his own creation. Gayatri is a kind of film, which represents the dark face of Indian cinema which everybody wants to forget while this one film should have scraped right before it’s inception in the head of any genius who thought of putting it out on celluloid. Gayatri will release on 9 February.

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