Milind Soman asks people to join 7 hour marathon, is trolled on twitter

Milind Soman asks people to join 7 hour marathon, is trolled on twitter

Milind Soman, the model turned actor turned athlete, asked people on twitter if they would like to join him on a 7 hour marathon everyday, and even though he was honest with his offer, the people on twitter trolled him mercilessly for it anyway. The jokes began to come in instantly, telling that they had their families and children to look at, or that if there was a sleep marathon, then they’d be interested in taking part in it. The tweet was picked by many publications, and it was apparent that Milind had become an amusement for the people for a day. Most of the jokes were harmless though, and were related more to the shock of finding a person who is interested in 7 hour marathon than looking at the more important things in his life.

Other were more appreciative about the offer, asking him from where he gets the stamina to work out so much. But it was apparent that no one was going to join in the marathon.

Milind is known as a model, but has been becomes a very successful sportsman, having won the the Ironman Triathlon in Zurich in 2015 and Ultraman triathlon, which is considered one of the most gruelling and exhausting race ever. He was also seen in the movie, Bajiroa Mastani, in which his work was appreciated by the audiences. He is one of the most easily recognizable male models in the industry and has been considered one of the most sexist man in India. Still, it seems that people prefer sleep to him, and won’t be able to join him, even though he was just being nice. The trolling wasn’t as severe as the worst cases, and it surely would have made him laugh too as well.




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