Mijaaj Movie Review: Gujarati Action-Entertainer drama

Mijaaj Movie Review: Gujarati Action-Entertainer drama
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Mijaaj is Gujarati action entertainer movie directed by Tapan Vyas. It is an amazing movie with lovely twists of drama and romance. The story of the Mijaaj has penned down by Pravin Pandya and produced under the banner of Jitendra Pandya productions. It stars Esha Kansara, Jayesh More, Kajal Pisal, Abhinay Banker, Chhaya Vora, Bhatt Bhushan and Andy von Eich in the lead roles. It is romantic, dramatic, comedic along with the action twists. The Mijaaj movie is full family entertainer which enthrals action drama. The Gujarat actors gave their outstanding performance to make it more interesting.

Mijaaj Movie Review: It is the story of three youngsters Jay, Jhanvi and Yogesh. In this movie, Malhar Thakar plays the role of Jay, Revanta Sarabhai plays the role of Yogesh and Jhanvi’s character has played by Esha Kansara. The plot of the movie revolves around three youngsters who are caught in the middle of a fight between Sarita ben an old lady. She owns India Lodge which is the heritage property. However, one of the international MNC wants to possess the India Lodge. Whereas the Lodge is the shelter for the people from all walks of life. The dramatic scenario in the movie starts when the local goons join hands with MNC member to evict the residents of the lodge. The crux of the story is how Jay, Jhanvi, and Yogesh make a mission to fight against the goons. Also, how they save India Lodge.

It is enthralling action drama ensued by Tapan Vyas. The director makes it more interesting with putting some love and romance. And the cinematography is another thing to be appreciated. The actions scenes are so real which makes audiences crazy. The music of the Mijaaj which is composed by Priya Saraiya is also the appreciable part. Overall, it is the full family entertainer with a lot of action and drama.

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