Mersal movie review: Vijay kicks and punches his way through the movie

Mersal movie review: Vijay kicks and punches his way through the movie

Mersal, translates to Astonish, in English, and you can see that every one involved in the making of the movie did think they were making something astonishing, but the only thing astonishing about the Mersal is its action scenes. The movie is a chaotic mixture of action scenes, dancing and singing and dramatic moments, but the only things that truly make the movie wonderful is when superstar Vijay flies into the air and dodges kicks and punches while triumphing over every enemy. The actor plays three different roles, but there’s not distinction between the characters, except that they’re all badass and angry young men.

The story is typical, with love and hate sprinkled in with the ongoing chaos and Actress Samantha is very good in her performance as a girl who falls in love with one of Vijay’s characters. The music from AR. Rahman is one of the best and is used freely in the moive, so much so that it almost overwhelms the moments, but it is melodious and catchy. The cinematography by G.K Vishnu is also very distinctive and doesn’t look like the standard action movie quality.

All around, the movie features enough set pieces and moments to make it a worth visit to the theater.

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