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Men also need Skin care for their healthy smile

Men also need Skin care for their healthy smile

Men have more collagen and elastin skin as compared to women that make their skin thick and firm. So, the signs of ageing appear much later as compared to women. Therefore it is extremely important for men as well to take care of their skin by following cleansing routine given by experts.

The Dermatologist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Rohit Batra and Neha Mitta who is Aesthetic and Cosmetic Physician at Dermaworld skin and hair clinic have listed some cleansing routine pointers for men to follow for their healthy skin.

  1. Know your skin type: The first and the foremost pointer is to know your skin type. So, to know your skin you just have to take a tissue test and see if you have dry, oily or combination skin. Generally, the people with oily skin tend to have oil on their t-zone such as forehead, nose, and chin. Using a tissue paper you can check and get to know your skin type.
  2. Choose products as per skin type: Although there is a difference between the skin of male and female. So the products are made specifically keeping in mind all those factors. You just have to make sure to use skin care products mindfully.
  3. Follow a cleansing routine: You should need to wash your face at least twice a day using a mild face wash that suits your skin. As the skin tends to get oily throughout the day and block the pores. So it is very important to follow a regular cleansing routine. If your product dries your skin then just change the products accordingly.
  4. Exfoliation: The dirt and oil that accumulated on the face on the daily basis results in blackheads or whiteheads. And it also forms a layer of dead skin. Exfoliation sheds off this layer and brings out a smooth, healthy skin. If you have oily skin then you can go for a salicylic acid-based scrub. You can also buy a glycolic face wash as it cleanses as well as exfoliates.
  5. Do not forget SPF: SPF is very important part of your skin care routine as it protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun that leads to sunburn, tanning and gradually leads to early ageing. Especially for men, a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 is a great option and you can use it daily. And to reapplying the skin care is the second step to increase its effectiveness.
  6. Moisturise: It is important to moisturise your skin to keep it soft and supple after thorough cleaning and exfoliation. A moisturising cream provides the right amount of moisture to the skin to keep it hydrated and healthy. A hand cream, body lotion are some good options.

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