Mehbooba movie review: Should not have been made. Period.

Mehbooba movie review: Should not have been made. Period.

Puri Jannadh is finding it hard to make any sense at the movies with his direction and maybe he should not even try. He tried to create an epic love story of two young people set amidst the war which is a cliche concept in the epic genre. Puri has absolutely nothing to do with the technicality of editing and will start or cut a scene anytime he wants with any sync. His song visuals would literally just show up from nowhere and perhaps he needs a little patience in the editing room if he has even shot the footage in ample amount.

The film is so abrupt in the first place that a person would find it incredibly hard to connect with the characters. It is a bad amateur student film with a massive budget and worst possible CGI. The whole reason why Puri still has a career is because a section of audience is either very forgiving or they just don’t know any better. He is making films for the dumbest of us and understandably so because somebody had to. His last venture ‘paisa Vasool’ was just so god awful that one may have a developed an ulcer while watching it.

Puri is still unapologetic but at wrong places which does not making him frivolous but just simply wrong. One of his days his chickens are going to come home for roost and box office would stop laying money eggs though he has had a very long career already. One can’t help but think if his even interested in what people may think about him or his films anymore because he certainly could not careless. Mehbooba is yet another example of what all is wrong with Indian cinema and it is just sad that it might run on the box office. Overall, no one should really bother watching this.

Mehbooba movie review: Should not have been made. Period.

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