Meghan Markle’s father would go through a heart surgery, miss the royal wedding

Meghan Markle’s father would go through a heart surgery, miss the royal wedding

Meghan Markle’s father suffered a heart attack recently and did some serious damage to his body. He discharged himself from the hospital quickly in order to walk his daughter down the aisle but perhaps that would not be the case now. On Tuesday he would be admitted in the hospital to undergo a heart surgery on Wednesday which would simply not let him attend the wedding on Saturday. As any father, he would be missing this occasion with great sadness but such is the condition of his health. Apparently the attack was caused by the open letter of his son Thomas Markle Junior, who asked Prince Harry to not marry his half sister.

Royalty is gearing up for the royal wedding in a massive way as Buckingham palace would be lit to great beauty for Prince Harry and Meghan. It is certainly the wedding of the decade as England has one of the longest serving monarchs of all time. Thomas’s letter has deeply upset ted the family and he actually might not even be present at the wedding to walk his sister down the aisle hence Meghan is lacking a little in that aspect.

It is the most important wedding at royals of this generation as Prince Harry is adjoining a member in the family. Meghan’s father not being there is clearly a certain source of sadness and incompleteness as this wedding would be most written about happy incident of this century. Meghan and Harry dated for a log time when they announced the wedding as sever arrangements have to be made whenever someone else enters this family. Nobody knows as to be who will be the most important person in walking Meghan down the aisle on Saturday when it is the most special day of her life.

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