Maze Runner: The Death Cure movie review: No cure for a bad story, none!!

Maze Runner: The Death Cure movie review: No cure for a bad story, none!!

Maze Runner The Death Cure is the sequel to 2015 Maze Runner The Scorch Trials while third and final installment in the Maze Runner trilogy, final being the operative word. This film is based on the novel the death cure by James Dashner. Except the characters, storyline is quite different of all 3 parts and can be viewed individually which is basically the studio’s way of saying that they are scared of building a cinematic world of these films because audience might not be as loyal to it considering the mediocre level of narrative.

Crux of the plot is saving the world which is so done and dusted that even the biggest of superheroes have now started to hide themselves from it and are focusing more on human conflict stories with in their cinematic universe. There has been almost no character growth in all 3 parts of the film as the characters are still very unpredictable in all their innocence which basically just makes them flunky teenagers although the responsibility on these childish arc characters have grown considerably and it is to try and save this horror of a story.

Screenplay of this film is monumental because how old it is and this happens when writers sleep walk their way through the script while binge watching Ridley Scott’s science fiction films. A group getting teared apart in trying to find a cure that should save whatever is left of the world is basically fantastic four gone wrong, which was already wrong enough. Dialogues are filled cliche and pretend to get deeper on the concept of sacrifice, loyalty and bravery while trying to match up the bad visual effects and rugged background score. The task is to sit through this film while trying to not contemplate the worst in life. Overall this one would be a total waste of time, money and efforts. Kindly avoid.

maze runner the death cure movie review

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