Masterpiece movie review: A mediocre story, elevated by good performance from the lead

Masterpiece movie review: A mediocre story, elevated by good performance from the lead

Masterpiece movie is a Malayalam flick directed by Ajai Vasudev and stars Mammootty, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar among others, and is the story of Edward Livingston, who teaches english at Travancore Maharaja College. He wants to make the campus a better place for studies but the students are very violent and have gangs that fight with each other. It is his struggle to make the student better persons, while also trying to make the system and educational authorities more sensitive toward the needs and wishes of the students. The movie really didn’t need all the action sequences, and there is always someone in a scene or two, like a character that we feel is there to explain what has happened, even though it has already been shown to us visually.

The acting is very good, and the scenes that show the students arguing and fighting are very well staged, but the main problem in the movie is that it doesn’t look or feel like a real story, and instead seems to be something written by a writer. The actions scenes are in particular a waste of time that could have been used to further the story. They’re also the kind of scenes that look like they were choreographed for someone like Salman Khan, and not for an actor who is supposed to be playing a college teacher.

Still, there are some bright spots in the increasingly ridiculous plot, and some unnecessary scenes. The most effective are the ones in which the movie focuses on real issues and the lets the actors be real, not some superheroes. Mammootty is very dedicated to his character, and even though his English name seems distracting, he really works hard to make a character who is looking to do the right thing for his students. The movie works because he gives a very good performance.

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