Mark Felt movie review: A tedious political thriller

Mark Felt movie review: A tedious political thriller
Written by Abhishek Rana

Mark Felt: The Man who brought down the white house, a spy/political thriller directed by Peter Landesman and starring Liam Neeson and Diane Lane is a tedious political thriller without any sort of depth and which also fails at being compelling in anyway whatsoever. The story follows how felt became a key player in the Watergate scandal, by becoming an anonymous source for the Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, but the depiction of the story lacks any narrative coherence and flash, and is so expected from the biopic blueprint that the audience would be leaving the theatre early on. Firstly, whenever a biopic is being made, people already know the story, so its up to the directors and writers to make it entertaining for them. But Mark Felt fails in that regard because its depiction of the events is so lackluster.

We never get the sense that Felt is really devastated or conflicted about his actions. Even if he’s supposed to be doing something brave and heroic, how are we, as an audience supposed to root for him when the character seems so blandly written. Liam Neeson gives a very restrained and admirable performance, but his efforts are wasted because the script by Peter Landesman is so bad.

Diane Lane is worst served from the cast, since she has some promising moments, but it seems that her scenes were cut from the movie to accommodate for the running time. Lane’s performance is so good that one can only feel sad that she won’t get recognized by the larger work she did for the movie.

Mark Felt has zero subetley and doesn’t achieve its goal as a good procedural movie, it also squanders a good cast in a story that doesn’t deserve them and would’ve been better served as just an hour episode of some political thriller television series.


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