March 22 movie review: 1000th film about communal politics and science of a bad film

March 22 movie review: 1000th film about communal politics and science of a bad film

March 22 is a Kannada movie directed by Kodlu Ramakrishna. Kodlu Ramakrishna has introduced himself as a blockbuster director in the trailer itself. These kind of remarks put extra burden on the film of being a blockbuster especially if the film is routine as anything. March 22 must be a millionth film about communal politics in rural areas. Routine has now gotten to a point where it looks as though some actors are mimicking other actors while performing the most basic scene. One kind of visuals, plot, shots, dialogues have just trained the mind to ignore what is going on inside the screen. In a weird way mind has trained itself  to be oblivious of the crap that is been seen.

In the routine boring scene brain just takes off its attention from the film and starts thinking about housing loan or something as long as an interesting scene comes it gets hooked up right back. So, in a way when one person walks out of the theater he/she would not say anything bad about the film because mind did not pay attention in the first place. About this some film-makers think that there films are working and there is no negative review so they keep on calling themselves blockbuster directors for no rhyme or reason.

Bad films have become a part of Indian psychology like traffic or corruption and we think that let it be because there is no way to deal with this. Where in the truth is that this is art and one should have an opinion about this for the sake of culture. There is nothing at all to talk about the film because it is just sheer B-Grade waste of time, which will contribute to the apocalypse of Indian cinema. One should not watch it, if not boycott it.

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