Manushi Chhillar, Miss World 2017, reacts to Shashi Tharoor’s “sexist” tweet

Manushi Chhillar, Miss World 2017, reacts to Shashi Tharoor’s “sexist” tweet

Manushi Chhillar recently became Miss World 2017, and has been garnering praise for her achievements all across the country and beyond. However, there was a little controversy, when politician Shashi Tharoor tweeted something that was misinterpreted by the people as being sexist. He’d said that it was a mistake to demonetize the country when even the countries “Chillar” is becoming Miss World, 2017. The tweet was a joke and a play of words on Manushi’s surname, but it was seen as a sexist remark by people and feminists, and criticized for being regressive and not applauding Manushi’s accomplishments.

But now, Manushi herself has reacted to the tweet and seems to have no problem with it. Replying to Vineet Jain’s tweet, she took the comment in her stride and said that for a girl who has won over the world doesn’t get offended by such harmless “joke” and people should keep in mind the “chill” in her Chhillar.

Manushi has become the first woman to win the Miss World 2017 contest after actress Priyanka Chopra won it in 2000, and was praised by the previous beauty queen.

So, it seems that the beauty queen with brains has enough charm and intellect to keep the haters on bay, and spread her shine to others.


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