Mallika Sherawat and her Husband evicted from Paris flat

Mallika Sherawat and her Husband evicted from Paris flat
Written by Abhishek Rana

Mallika Sherawat and her french Husband, Cyrille Auxenfans have been evicted from their Paris flat for not being able to pay the pricey rent. The recently married rented the flat in the luxurious area of Paris, the 16th District,  but fell into financial difficulties, thus being unable to pay the price properly. The court had told Mallika and Cyrille on December 14,  to pay 78,787 euros, for all the rent and expense that they owed, but when it was not paid, it allowed the motion of seize the furniture of the couple. There had been reports that the couple had been facing some difficulties about their expenses, but there had been no confirmation. Maliika herself had denied that she even owned the apartment in Paris, stating on her twitter account that the reports were absolutely not true and if someone had donated one to her, then they should send her the address.

Mallika has been at the center of many controversies in Bollywood for her unabshedly bold avatars in movies and her comments about actors in the film industry. She has done acclamied work in many movies, however, after some falling apart of her relations in the Indian movie industry, she tried to be a part of Hollywood, which didn’t work for her as she had hoped.

Mallika was recently a guest star in the comedy show, Entertainment Ki Raat, and didn’t seem a bit distrubed. It could have been that she had agreed to do the show for financial reasons, as her lawyer had spoken to the court about the irregular nature of her profession. But that appeal had not been accepted by the owner of the house because they claimed that Mallika has earned millions for her work in the movie industry from the past.


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