Madame Tussauds now open in Connaught Place, Delhi

Madame Tussauds now open in Connaught Place, Delhi

Madame Tussads, the museum that is famous for the wax statues of influential people has now been opened in Connaught Place, Delhi. The Museum was scheduled to open today, and has been flooded by fans who want to see the statues of their favorite celebrities. Not only Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Madhuri Dixit and even international star Will Smith, the museum also has wax statues of controversial and highly entertaining stars like Rakhi Sawant and KRK. Infleuntial and world renowned politicians like Mahatma and Indira Gandhi have also been honored in the Museum. People can now go and admire their favorite stars and other celebrities that they would like to see.

Most of the wax figures are very much life-like and are also well lit and dressed so the visitors won’t have any complain about the authenticity of the creations.

The Legendary Bollywood actress Madhubala can be seen in the garb of Anarkali, perhaps the most iconic character of Indian Cinema. There are also statues of sports persons like Sachin Tendulkar, Mary Kom and David Beckham.

The rate of the tickets is pricey, with Rs 960 for adults and Rs 760 for children respectively, but if someone wants to see their favorite stars, they have a place they can go and admire them in close proximity. 



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