M Sasikumar starrer ‘Asuravadham’ trailer out and it’s realistically gritty

M Sasikumar starrer ‘Asuravadham’ trailer out and it’s realistically gritty
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Last seen in ‘Kodiveeran’, M Sasikumar is back in his action packed gripping narrative of crime and gangsters by the name of ‘Asuravadham’ as the trailer of it is released to much anticipation. Sasikumar is one of those actor who would not do a film until and unless he is totally devoted to the script which slows the count on his filmography but certainly increases the quality. Asuravadham is undoubtedly his most ambitious and anticipated film to date as the teaser of which opened to mass appreciation yesterday and trailer is a big upper cut to that.

Sasikumar is known for his realism yet dramatic films because he is able to find the nuances and reflects it brilliantly on-screen. This one is based in the rural gangster politics genre of films except unlike most Tamil films the characters of this are quite real yet menacing which is signature off his films. Sasikumar does not like to play a character with only white shades of behavior but complicated human beings with shades of grey in them. He is always a bit of antagonist who could not find peace with mirth of society hence took charges in his hand to clean it up a bit.

He has not been given a dialogue in the trailer as of yet but the entry shot is completely whistle-podu as he walks in with not a care in this world. Fans should expect a lot of actions from the film which would have blood and grit unlike the usual bone-breaking sounds which makes no sense at all. The tonality of the film from the trailer is pretty dark and a bit gothic in nature which sends out a signal that it might not have as much comedy in it. Film is expected to hit the theaters on summer of 2018.

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