Bollywood celebrities being clicked with their pets!!

Bollywood celebrities being clicked with their pets!!

When it comes to animal loving, our bollywood stars are no where behind. Today almost every celebrity in our industry owns one or another pet. Lets have a quick look at their pet love.

Salman Khan the man who is known for his charity and good works, also owns pet as a      part of his good works. Salman khan is a father figure to two French Mastiffs, which named  Myson and Myjaan. He has also got a Labrador Retriever called Mowgli, a St Bernard called  Saint, a Napolean Mastiff called Mylove and another French Mastiff called Veer.


2. The man with ‘Dhai Kilo Hath’ is in real very kind to animals. We know this as he is a proud owner of pet and really takes care of the pet.

3. Priyanka Chopra is another dog lover in Bollywood. This glamorous actress who is scared of cats has only one little doggie, who she has lovingly named Brando after the actor Marlon Brando. Brando loves his mistress so much that he sees her off every time she leaves the house.

4. Alia bhatt is as cute and cunning same is her cute cat. The cat is actually a bigger superstar than her as her Instagram account is full of this adorable pussy cat.

5. Shilpa shetty along with a fitness freak is also animal lover. She is a proud owner to a pet

6.Jacqueline Fernandez , the actress known for her looks is also concerned of pets along with her looks.

Be animal lovers guys. Animals are very cute and loving. Get influenced by your favourite stars and bring a pet today.

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