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Loan Defaulter Vijay Mallya is ready for third Marriage with Air Hostess Pinky lalwani

Loan Defaulter Vijay Mallya is ready for third Marriage with Air Hostess Pinky lalwani
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Loan Defaulter Vijay Mallya is ready for his third marriage with her long-time girlfriend, Pinky Lalwani. Mallya who is facing ace charges of financial crimes in India is now going to marry with former Air Hostess of Kingfisher Airways Pinky Lalwani. Mallya had given Job of Flight Attendant to Pinky Lalwani, in Kingfisher Airlines in 2011. Later, there was a good friendship between Mallya and Pinky. Both of them started watching together in several events. Then from Lalwani Airlines’ air hostess to Kingfisher’s add. He also hosted several parties of Mallya. Pinki also made a photoshoot for Kingfisher Calendar. When Mallya left the country in 2016, Pinky Lalwani also left the country with her. It is said that Lalwani did not leave with him in the worst of Mallya’s bad times.

Vijay Mallya first married Sameera Tyabji. Which was the air hostess of Air India Airlines. He has a son Siddhartha with his first wife. After a few years, Mallya got divorced from Sameera and got married to his friend Rekha, his friend in Bangalore. Rekha’s first husband, Mr Mahmood, was a good friend of Mallya. Loan Defaulter Vijay Mallya has three children from the first two weddings. The son’s name is Siddhartha and Lina-Tanya has two daughters. 

Lalwani is known to have been staying the liquor baron even in the tough times of his career. She was also with him at the extradition case in London. Lalwani has been spotted previously frequently with Mallya’s mother at various events and has always been in good terms with his family. She has stood by his side despite their age difference and the bankruptcy scandal.Vijay Mallya, liquor businessman and culprit of a loan defaulter has facing a charges of fraud and money laundering of Rs 9,000 crore from Indian banks, now going to marry with her long-time girlfriend Pinky Lalwani, a third time in his life. Girlfriend Pinky Lalwani, ready to decorate the head at the age of 62, will be the bride of Vijay Mallya.

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