Live Bigg Boss 11 Epsiode 17 updates: Jyoti and Arshi sent to Kal Kothari

Live Bigg Boss 11 Epsiode 17 updates: Jyoti and Arshi sent to Kal Kothari

In the house, something different happens as Vikas and Shilpa reconnect and speak politely to each other, Vikas then apologize to Puneesh to for behaving badly with him during the task. The Gharwalas then wake up next morning and talk to each other and gossip. Vikas then tells that Puneesh is lying that he’s from London. But then Puneesh and Luv begin to fight each other because Luv blames Puneesh of voting against him and back stabbing him, the two hurl insults at each other and then Aakash, as usual, comes in between the fight and goes crazy again, shouting that Luv is “Nalla”.

The two come close to fighting before the gharwalas get them off each other. Vikas then tells Luv to not get in a physical fight with Puneesh.

The task then begins and Puneesh’s team is very bad in it, leaving only Puneesh to stay on the stand while everyone throws water and wood shavings at his face.

Arshi and Jyoti are then sent to Kal Kothari for not performing in the task, and they join Vikas in the Kothari. The three then come out of the Kal Kothari and steal sweets, but then Bigg Boss scolds them about not caring about the security of others, the Gharwalas then begin to fight them, and Arshi begins to cry when Hina screams at her angrily.

UPCOMING: The Gharwalas celebrate Diwali and get emotional while remembering their families and friends.

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