Live Bigg Boss 11 episode 23: Hina and the Gharwalas fling mud at each other

Live Bigg Boss 11 episode 23: Hina and the Gharwalas fling mud at each other

The house gets a jolt in the night when it seems that Mehjabi gets possessed and everyone is scared of whatever has happened to her, then, Aakash begins making fun of her, but Hina and Arshi tell him to shut up and let everyone sleep. Eventually, Mehjabi calms down and goes to sleep. Then, the next morning, the new task is announced, in which the teams have to survive in the jungle and anyone who goes inside the cave to take shelter will lose. There are two teams, Blue and Red, and the gharwalas begin to get into little quarrels over little things.

Shilpa then fights the blue team because they tell her that she’s ruining their food and burning it, she tells them to shut up.

The tasks begins in earnest when the Gharwalas begin to throw water at each other, and then Aakash and Puneesh begin to throw mud on Hina and begin to abuse her verbally and physically, until, Hina retaliates and flings at them, and then fights, Bandagi, which causes the gharwalas to restrain them before they get physically violent with each other.

A twist then comes when a gift arrives for Mehajbi, and she has a choice that she can take the gift and go inside the home, but she won’t be able to come back. Despite this, Mehajbi decides to stay in the task.

UPCOMING: Next day, it seems that Dhichak Pooja will leave the task because she is feeling unwell, and begins crying.

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