Lipstick Under my Burkha: Arjun Kapoor Join in to support Lipstick Rebellion

Lipstick Under my Burkha: Arjun Kapoor Join in to support Lipstick Rebellion

Arjun Kapoor comes forward in support to Lipstick rebellion like many other Bollywood actors. The actor shared his picture holding the lipstick in the hand while showing middle fingers to haters on his twitter account. The campaign for the film promotion “Lipstick Under my Burkha” is going viral. Looks like the Bollywood stars have geared up for this revolutionary movement on social media in support to society taboos and not required restriction on women. Few days before the release of the movie the campaign is taking good shape on the social media. Great actors like Aahana Kumra, Ratna pathak,Plabita borthakur and Konkana Sen Sharma were first one to come forward to start the campaign. Even Balajimotion showed their full support to the campaign by sharing many video and pictures of the actors joining the movement. It is good to see other than Bollywood actors even other marching forward to give the desired freedom to the women of our county. 

The trailer of the movie has already stolen the show with over 5,455,261 views on youtube channel. Trailer not only looks rebellious but smartly bold. The story line looks to be revolving around the four women seeking freedom to their desires and impose against all the restrictions on them. Since we live in a society with many do’s and don’ts on the female gender, it is going to be very interesting to bring voice to towards the wake up call. Every women must be respected and honored for her own wishes without faced problem of society taboo. The movie will hit in your nearby cinemas on 21st July,2017. Don’t forget to stand for the pride of the women as they need us to be there. The pride of the women is, pride of the Nation.

Red Fm also joined hands in the campaign to support this revolutionary movement.

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