Leonardo movie review: A fascinating look at the work of Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo movie review: A fascinating look at the work of Leonardo Da Vinci
Written by Abhishek Rana

Leonardo, directed by Tim Marlow is a documentary about one of the greatest artists to ever live, Leonardo Da Vinci. It is a fascinating work that talks about the works of the painter and what kind of meaning can be taken out of them. The London’s National Gallery has assembled all the surviving paintings of the artist and exhibited them at one place, which give a unique opportunity to talk about the different techniques and uses of colors that the artist used to make his paintings look so life like. The discussion goes on about how Leonardo not only painted the portraits, he also used to it as a way to convey what the character in the painting is feeling. There used to be a stillness in his work, which shouldn’t be mistake as being life less, and quite the contrary the layers and intricacies of his work are so immersive that the people who look at the art can easily lose themselves in the details.

A variety of personalities talk about the paintings and how they affected them in unique ways. And what meaning can be gleaned from them. The movie is very well made. It provides with a far ranging exploration of the work of an artist, whose works speak for many people. The works are diverse in their colors, and styles but all have a kind of mystery which is only something Leonardo could achieve.

The best kind of documentaries give us a look into the lives and works of the people on which they are based on. And Leonardo gives us many glimpses at the life of a personality who made some of the most unforgettable works of art that world has ever witnesses. It is that power of his artistry that people continue to find new meaning in his work.

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