Leonardo Dicaprio speaks out about Weinstein Sexual Harrassment allegations

Leonardo Dicaprio speaks out about Weinstein Sexual Harrassment allegations

Leonardo Dicaprio has issued a statement criticizing Harvey Weinstein about the sexual harassment allegations that were leveled against him last week. Hollywood was shook when the news broke about producer Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment against the women trying to get work in the industry and even well established actresses. Since last week, many female celebrities, Like Gwynenth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Asia Argento have come forward with their stories about how the Producer mogul used to instigate a sexual relationship with them, and the magazine, New Yorker has broken other accounts of sexual assaults that Weinstein committed against women. Leonardo Dicaprio finally broke his silence on the issue on his Facebook and Twitter account.

He has commended the courage of the women who have spoken out now, and says that any kind of sexual misconduct is unacceptable for anyone, however powerful that person is.

There had been many rumors about Harvey Weinstein’s inappropriate behavior towards women, and that he used to put strange requests (demands) to them, like watching him while he showered or getting a massage, which sometimes turned into all out assault towards them. The story had been buried for many years, but it finally surfaced again when NYT published a report that detailed Weinstein’s misconducts, which caused a stir in the industry and began a wave of revelations from women across the industry.


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