Laung Laachi movie review: Giant ball of stereotype

Laung Laachi movie review: Giant ball of stereotype

Laung Laachi is simply made out of Punjabi stereotypes that has been showcased in movies and songs about relationship between two opposite genders. Film is not exactly self aware and takes itself too seriously instead of realising that it is a spoof of many already bad films. If this film was made as a silly comedy than it would have worked good for the audience but most of the emotions displayed in it are so hollow that they don’t make any impression on the spectator.

Plot of the film revolves around a couple who have gotten into arranged marriage but the girl always had the dream to fall in love and than get married so she asks her husband to pretend as if they are strangers and also he has to make her fall in love with him. They live in the same house but pretend as if they don’t know each other and get into all the cliche’s of falling in love in a rural environment where staring each other becomes a thing and nobody talks to one another because they are too shy of it.

Amberdeep Singh’s screenplay is purely awful but his comic timing is not that bad which makes the film bearable. Mostly the film was going alright till the stereotypical rich man enters the village played by Ammy Virk who posses a threat to their relationship because of Neeru Bajwa’s on the verge of falling in love with him which will destroy her marriage with Amberdeep Singh. Craft of the dialogues is again lifted from many existing films and nothing new has been tried to put it in the film. Many Punjabi films are fueled by stereotypes designated to people of certain demographic and their form of behavior being accepted in one dimensional way. Overall this film should be avoided at the cinemas.

Laung Laachi movie review

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