Kurukshetra movie review: Blatant second copy of Baahubali

Kurukshetra movie review: Blatant second copy of Baahubali

There is no way the makers of this film even decided to do justice to the most epic story ever written by the name of Mahabharata. The shots and sequences are so blatantly copied from Baahubali that it is unbelievable to even think about what the makers of this film were smoking. They did not realise that Baahubali is the most watched Indian film of all time in India and literally anyone can point out how crucial these sequences are to both the film and makers did not even want to change the angles.

Story focuses mainly on the Abhimanyu who was the son of Arjuna in Mahabharata and was killed under a severe battle formation created by the rivals Kaurava. Lord Krishna could have stopped Abhimanyu’s death according to the mythology but he did not because Arjuna was not doing his best in the war considering he had to fight against his own relatives but as soon as he heard the news that the best of warriors came together to kill a very young boy of his, he became a havoc of death onto himself and was not prepare to bare anyone.

Nikhil Gowda has tried to portray the character of Abhimanyu but the lack of a decent script would not allow any actor in this film to even do a decent job. Battle formation created to kill Abhimanyu was remarkable and second to none though the makers did not bother to research much and came up with a VFX scene so bad anyone could solve the formation in a jiffy. Kurukshetra is the most expensive movie ever made in the history of Kannada cinema but it does not matter because people of any region can watch whatever they want to and the world has gone a lot far ahead than Kannada cinema. Overall this one should be avoided.

Kurukshetra movie review

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