Kumkum Bhagya 6 june 2017 written update

Kumkum Bhagya 6 june 2017 written update

KumKum Bhagya 6 June 2017 episode starts with Pragya and Abhishek are stuck in Kidnappers barn. Pragya is scolding  Abhishek that he always jokes about everything. She falls and Abhishek falls on her and song plays at the backed. On other side Pragya’s mother,Purab,dadi all reach somewhere near the forest. Indu again give chloroform to Tanu and she faints again. Pragya asks Abhi to run away but Abhi is very hungry hearing that Pragya gets sad.He asks Pragya to cook something with Water like they used to play when we were kids and cook virtually and that will fill up there tummy.So she makes virtual kheer for him and makes him eat it. Abhishek hugs Pragya and song plays at the backend.

Alia try convincing Nikhil she has seen Pragya here but Nikhil says he hasn’t seen Pragya and neither did anyone else.The shooter calls Nikhil that he is coming to kill Pragya which stresses Nikhil as he thinks Pragya is not there. Alia says she is only stressed about how they both should get safe. Nikhil schemes to kill Abhi and Pragya both. Alia thinks that Nikhil might be double crossing her and she should stay alert. Pragya asks Abhi to think of a plan to run from here but Abhishek plans to sleep. Then, Abhishek and Pragya both start giving some stupid idea to run away from the barn and they both make fun of each others ideas. Pragya makes him work on her plan where they fill in the straw in a cloth and make it look like a snake.

Pragya then ties up Abhi back again and places the snake on him. She hides behind the wall and asks Abhi to shout for help. The kidnappers hears him shouting and run to help him. When they enter they see the snake on Abhi and both of them get stand scared infront of Abhishek. Both kidnappers start fighting over who will kill the snake.



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