Kulwinder Billa new song Yaadan Supne is out and to win your hearts

Kulwinder Billa new song Yaadan Supne is out and to win your hearts

Kulwinder Billa is a famous Punjabi singer who has released many songs earlier and now he is again back with a new song with the titular Yaadan Supne. The new track has been released on Youtube and has also been liked by millions of people because of his melodious voice. Yaadan Supne is a soft romantic track in Punjabi which will surely make you remind of your lover. The lyrics and the background music is very much soothing to hear. Kulwinder Billa is famous for many songs like Angreji Wali Madam, Tayari Haa Di, Kho na Baithi, Time Table and many more other songs which made the audience dance and made them romantic too at the same time.

The new song of Kulwinder Billa can be well appreciated as it is a perfect blend of melodious singing, beautiful locations and lyrics of course the best. If we take a look at the video, then we can say that it depicts a beautiful love story of a girl who loves her lover and meets her even after the boy lost his memory in a mishap. The girl used to find out the reason to be with him as an attempt to make the boy regain his memory and except her once again forever. The video is very emotional and hearttouching at the same time.

The song has grabbed a lot of attention of the people due to the theme it surrounds and also the songs and the singer’s melodious voice.





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