Krish to direct NTR biopic starring Nandamuri Balakrishna

Krish to direct NTR biopic starring Nandamuri Balakrishna

Shooting of NTR biopic had already started on the sets a few weeks before but director Teja has walked out of the film and Krish will now helm the project now. Apparently Teja walked out because of many creative differences with Balakrishna and he felt as if he was losing the grip on the project. Film had barely shot 20% of the script hence Krish will be getting full credit of the direction. Balakrishna has strong points on the film as he knew NTR but a director would also want to have some command of his own on the film he is putting out.

Krish will start a new schedule very soon to meet the apparent release date in 2019. Nandamuri was shooting for some critical sequence of the film when he realized that Teja and him are not making the same film hence Teja left because clearly actor was not going to be changed. Nandamuri is known to be having certain disagreements with his creative collaborate and similar was the case in this one. NTR biopic is a big one and Krish has directed many of those hence he will perhaps be able to manage the audience expectations on that one.

Nandamuri was pretty geared up to play the role of this great actor who was perhaps the biggest superstar in India cinema so far because he is literally worshiped in temples and calendars. Biopic has begun shooting on a massive scale and will perhaps be one of the biggest film to come out of Telugu cinema next year. Nandamuri has gone through some physical changes to portray the character because the look of NTR is visible in the eyes of audience like tomorrow hence one would have to be accurate. Krish and Balakrishna will start the shooting in sometime this year.

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