Krazzy Tabbar Movie Review: A Punjabi Comedy which will tickle your funny bones

Krazzy Tabbar Movie Review: A Punjabi Comedy which will tickle your funny bones

Krazzy Tabbar is the Punjabi movie releasing this weekend starring Harish Verma and Priyanka Mehta. Harish Verma is well-known for his role in movie Yaar Annmulle. The veteran actors like Yograj Singh, Nirmal Rishi, Shavinder Mahal takes up the movie to another level. The presence of comic actor like B N Sharma and Jaswinder Bhalla take the comedy essence to another level.

The movie is based on the age-old story line of the boy and girl falling in love and later get into trouble when the two families with different views can’t manage with each other. This causes a problem for the two lover who try to set up peace between the families. The plot of the movie revolves around a question whether they will end up being together or not.

The story have nothing new for the audience its the old usual tried tested Punjabi love story with family dispute. Harish Verma performed well as a Punjabi Gabru full of life. Nothing much for Priyanka Mehta to do in the movie except looking beautiful. Yograj Singh and Shavinder Mahal play the short-tempered Punjabi angry father with excellence. The comic timing of B N Sharma keeps you glued throughout the movie. Some one liners like “Sada Muda Keda Kisi Pari toh Ghat hai” will surely tickle your funny bones. The soundtrack and lyrics of the movie are given by Ninja, Nooran Sisters and Kamaal Khan which mesmerize the audience. If you are planning to go watch a regular Punjabi comedy movie this one is surely a watch for you.

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