Kingsman: The Golden Circle action packed trailer released by 20th Century Fox

Kingsman: The Golden Circle action packed trailer released by 20th Century Fox
Written by Ravleen Chawla

The movie Kingsman: The Golden Circle trailer was launched by 20th Century Fox at San Diego Comic-Con International yesterday. The film dish up as a sequel to “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” and is set to hit theatres.The trailer validates returning of star Taron Egerton telling Channing Tatum “It’s very American ‘ and on it, Tatum responds “Fuck yeah”. The Kingsman: The new look of Golden Circle is crammed with several exciting marksmanship, bangs, fist-to-fist battle, and a man being slashed in half by a lasso. This is a red band trailer, meaning it might not be protected for work.

Previously Kingsman: The Secret Service fetch in the world to Kingman, which is a self-governing, international intelligence agency operating at the topmost level of prudence. Whose final goal is to keep the world protected. Now in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, our stars visage a new challenge.

At the point when their headquarters are shattered, and the world is healed detainee, their journey demonstrates them the way to the discovery of all allied spy organisation in the US known as Statesman. In a new adventure that scrutinises their agents’ power and weakness to the limit, these two best secret organisations merge to overcome a ruthless common enemy with an aim to save the world.

The new red band Kingsman: The Golden Circle trailer finally presents various plot details concerning the film, as well as showcases the hyper aggression that made the original such an eye-popping commotion. When the Kingsman’s headquarters is shattered by a new villain, played by Eggsy, Julianne Moore, and Harry Hart have to suit up, accurately, and link forces with The Statesmen.

The trailer features a blissfully American Channing Tatum filling in as a Statesman, next to a star-studded cast comprising Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges with Pedro Pasca, also along with British agents Taron Egerton and Colin Firth. The Golden Circle will hit theatres on 22nd September. The foremost movie Kingsman: The Secret Service was a sleeper hit for Fox gaining 128.3 Million dollars stateside and 414.4Million dollars worldwide.

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