KBC Season 9 Episode 31 9th October 2017 : Doctor Vinay on hot seat, Aarti wins 3.2 Lacs

KBC Season 9 Episode 31 9th October 2017 : Doctor Vinay on hot seat, Aarti wins 3.2 Lacs

Dr Vinay Goel is the third selected hot seat contestant for 31st episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati, who was the fastest on ‘fastest finger first’ question. Earlier contestant Shashi Saxena tumbled after 4th question, unable to win any amount. First contestant for 31st episode was Aarti Panwar, who won 3,20,000 after her 13th question proved unlucky and she was unable to answer it correctly.

Aarti Panwar has a birthday tomorrow and Amitabh shares the same sun sign, Libra. He took a pinch of salt and comments of how people belong to Libra sun sign are friendly and co-operative. Aarti Panwar is currently living in Kaithal with his husband. Her husband is open-minded and is trying to help her out for government job. She is trying for a government job from last 6 years.

Her husband is also preparing and trying government job for last 3-4 years. Both seems to be struggling at the moment and Aarti Panwar expresses bad luck. Aarti’s father-in-law is a supervisor and is supporting both Aarti and her husband financially. 11th October is Bollywood legend celebrity Amitabh Bachchan’s birthday, bringing one step closer to a special episode for audience.

Special episode which would celebrate Big B birthday and show him cut cake would be aired tomorrow or possibly day after tomorrow. Many fans are not aware that famous Angry young man is little reserved about celebrating his birthday. He usually tends to avoid any kind of birthday celebrations. Last episode, which was 30th of Season 9, saw house wife Meenakshi Jain, educated till 10 class winning 50 lacs rupees.

Shashi Saxena was the second hotseat contestant accompanies with her two sons Saurabh and Saumitra Saxena. Interestingly she took lifeline for her first question. Then she took another life line, 50-50 and still she was unable to answer it correctly.

JIO KBC Season 9 Question and Answer to Shashi Saxena

Q1. Who did harry meet ? A. Sejal

Q2. What is makka in sarso ka saag ? A. Maize

Q3. Lines man, ball boysd and net count ? A. Tennis

Q4. Identify singer ? A. Mohd Rafi

JIO KBC Season 9 Question and Answer to Aarti Panwar

Q1. Phrase not refer to sound made by bird ? A. Tukur Tukur

Q2. Maker of product is reposnible for repairing? A. Warranty Card

Q3. Which idiom means strength in unity ? A. Ek aur Ek gyarah

Q4. Identify voice ? A. Sachin tendulkar

Q5. ABVP, NSUI are which type of organizations ? A. student organizations

Q6. During Makar Sakranti, NGT banned which material in 2016 ? A. Glass coated manja

Q7. Which state has prohibhited liquor ? A. Bihar

Q8. Shua Jiao baba in China is ? A. Dangal

Q9. Olympics 2020 will take place in ? A. Tokyo

Q10. On collegium recommendation president choose whom ? A. Supreme court Judge

Q11. Kurukshetra, Rashirati and Pashuram ki prakshika has been authored by ? A. Ramdhari Singh Dinkar

Q12. Which man made object is farthest from the earth ? A. Voyager 1

Q13. 1 November 1858 where Lord canning declared proclamation ? A. Allahabad

How to play JIO KBC along Season 9

Users who want to play KBC along with the episode can install JIO Chat on their smart phone. iPhone and iPad users can open apple store and install Jio Chat. Whereas Android users can install Jio Chat using Play store. Observing previous pattern , scoring above 10K points accrued in previous episodes might get you something.

How to watch Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 9

Users have to the option to KBC Season 9 on their television sets or watch it online. Users can watch it on Sony Channel from Monday to Friday ( 9 PM – 10 PM). Online users can open sonyliv.com and watch the current episode video, along with old episode videos.

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