KBC Season 9 Episode 30 6th October 2017 : Meenakshi Jain wins 50 Lacs

KBC Season 9 Episode 30 6th October 2017 : Meenakshi Jain wins 50 Lacs
Written by Karu Cheema

KBC 2017 season 9 ( Kaun Banega Crorepati ) 6th October episode started with overwhelming response and charisma. All thanks to the Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s fan following and unique question-answer format of the game.Over 3 million users were engaged on Jio Chat app, answering KBC questions. Meenakshi Jain won million hearts by answering questions with utmost confidence and her approach was commendable. On each stage she never showed signs of her incomplete education and looked much wiser as compared with predecessor contestants while winning 50 Lacs rupees.

Today Kaun Banega Crorepati 2017 was graced by female badminton ace PV Sindhu on Hot Seat. She was awarded Padam Shree recently, for her contribution and representing India in badminton. PV Sindhu is also an arjuna awardee, rajeev gandhi khel ratan and holds 2nd rank in badminton world rankings. Whatever amount PV Sindhu will win today would be contributed to a hospital for charity.

PV Sindhu was accompanied by Dr Divya, her elder sister and hotseat companion. She has won Rs 25,00,000 till now after answering 13th question. Big B didn’t miss an opportunity in teasing PV Sindhu and asked her about love interest. Hooter brings an end to the game.

Question arise how every time guest contestants bags amount over Rs 12,50,000. Another observant point is they are never wrong and answer all questions correctly. It should be noted all the last 3 guest contestants in KBC have won Rs 25 Lacs.

KBC Season 9 6th October contestant – PV Sindhu Questions

Q13. What does YSR represent in YSR congress party name ? A. Raitu

Q12. In 2016 Rio Olympics , Michael phelps was beaten by which swimmer in 100 meter ? A. Jospeh Schooling

Q11. In 1945 with which ruler, tatas jointly found Deccan Airways in 1945 ? A. Nizam of hyderabad

Q10. Which hormone is also called love hormone ?  A. Oxytocin

Q9. In which olympic was badminton sports included? A. Barcelona 1992

Q8. Which is dialect of urdu language in deccan ? A. Dakhini

Q7. Who has won greatest wimbledon mens singles title ?  A. Roger Federer

Q6. Song is based on which pair ? A. Prabhas and Tamanna

KBC Season 9 6th October contestant – Meenakshi Jain

Rajasthan Born, Meenakshi Jain was the current live contestant on Kaun Banega Crorepati’s hot seat. Meenkashi Jain won Rs 50,00,000 and decided to quit. Her way of approaching the game was graceful. She is a house wife living in Mumbai with her family. She is known by name of ‘Google’ for being to keen on searching on Google Search engine. She is accompanied by her husband and son. Meenakshi Jain wants to change the mindset of the society through her knowledge. Surprisingly she is only High School ( Class 10th) educated and had to leave studies due to challenging circumstances.

KBC Season 9 6th October contestant – Meenakshi Jain Questions

Question 15: Which textile mill was established by Jamshed Ji Tata in 1869 ? A. Alexandra Mill, Meenakshi decided to quit the game show before answering this question.

Question 14: Quit India movement was the slogan of which freedom fighter ? A. Yusuf Meherali

Question 13: Which city architecture credit is given to Vidyadar Bhattacharya ? Jaipur

Question 12: Wife of which sport-person has represented India in basketball ? Ishant Sharma

Question 11: Which pairs of birth expatriate are not famous ? A. Annie Wood-Mother teresa

Question 10: What is the name of superfast train introduced between mumbai and goa in 2017? A. Tejas Express

Question 9: “Waid Ali Shah ka samay tha” was in which movie ? A. Shatranj Ke khiladi

Question 8: Which river doesnt flow from east to west ? A. Chambal

Question 7: Who was muffler man ? A. Arvind Kejriwal

Question 6: Which animal can launch their tongue then twice their body size ? A. Chameleon

How you can play KBC 2017 Season 9 on your mobile phone ?

To play Kaun Banega Crorepati on your mobile phone , use app store to install JioChat App on your phone. For Android supported handsets, use Play Store and Apple Store in case of iPhone and iPad. After installing open and click on Play button inside Jio Chat just before the episode starts.

KBC Season 9 2017 today’s question ?

By which name , Place where ‘Play’ (natak in hindi) takes place is called ? A. Rangmanch ( Option B )

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