Why Kattappa really killed Baahubali !!

Why Kattappa really killed Baahubali !!
Written by Ravleen Khera

Enough has been said and written about Baahubali 2: The Conclusion and how it is breaking records and setting new benchmarks in Indian Cinema. And now that the film is out for public viewing, we are here to tell you the answer to the burning question of ‘Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali’, if you are among the viewers who couldn’t manage to get your hands on the movie tickets over the weekend.

Kattappa killed Baahubali, because he was ordered by Shivagami to do so. Here is the reason why. Amarendra Baahubali and Kattappa are touring another kingdom as commoners, to help people against thugs and dacoits, when Amarendra spots princess Devasena and falls for her, head over heels. This happens before the formal ‘Rajyabhishek’ of Baahubali. Meanwhile, back in Mahishmathi, Shivagami is trying to win Bhallaladeva over with gifts, assuming he is sulking over the fact that he wasn’t made the King and Baahubali was chosen over him, by his own mother. Bhallaladeva has however been shown a portrait of Devasena and he wants to marry the princess too. When this information is made known to Shivagami, she sends a proposal loaded with ornaments to Devasena, who rejects the same, saying precious ornaments do not impress her and the Prince couldn’t win her over on his own merit. All this while, Baahubali acting as a common man along with Kattappa, tries to win Devasena’s heart and is fairly successful. But somehow a confusion ensues when the proposal from Mahishmathi reaches Kuntala (Devasena’s kingdom) and Kattappa believes Shivagami is asking for Devasena’s hand in marriage for Baahubali.

When the news about Devasena rejecting Bhallaladeva reaches Mahishmathi, Shivagami orders Baahubali to capture Devasena. Meanwhile, by saving Kuntala rajya from attackers, the warrior in Baahubali is revealed to Devasena and Kattappa then introduces Amarendra Baahubali. Kattappa also realises his mistake of confusing Bhallaladeva’s proposal as a proposal for Baahubali. Devasena however accepts Baahubali and leaves for Mahismathi with them, to clear things out with a furious Shivagami.

After an argument in the court of Mahishmathi, Baahubali chooses to keep his promise to Devasena and sacrifices the throne. This results in Bhallaladeva becoming the king and Baahubali the commander-in-chief of the army. At the formal crowning ceremony, looking at the tremendous support Baahubali has in the kingdom, Bhallaladev turns jealous and insecure and looks for a way to kill Baahubali with the support of his father Bijjaladeva. They con Shivagami into believing that Baahubali tried to kill Bhallaladev by sending his aide into the palace. Shivagami is shocked and orders Kattappa to kill Baahubali secretly for his conspiracy against the king of Mahishmathi, but he has too much support in the kingdom to be killed openly.

Therefore much to his displeasure, Kattappa had to kill Baahubali, because Shivagami threatened to do so with her own hands if Kattappa failed to do the same. And being the slave to the rulers of Mahismathi and having sworn to follow orders, Kattappa had no choice but to go ahead with this ghastly act.

To know how Devasena and Shivudu avenge Baahubali’s death, catch Baahubali 2 in a theatre near you.

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