Kate Winslet and Allison Janney shared onstage kiss in Hollywood film Awards

Kate Winslet and Allison Janney shared onstage kiss in Hollywood film Awards

Titanic actress, Kate Winslet, and Allison Janney shared a shared their special moment, they kissed on stage at the Hollywood film awards on Sunday, 5th November. One director immediately cast Kate Winslet and Allison Janney in a road trip movie. Kate Winslet got the Hollywood Actress Award for her performance in “Wonder Wheel” in film award function. She expressed her love for Allison during her speech, Allison has also honored in that award function for her work in the upcoming biopic film “I, Tonya.” Kate Winslet praised and thanks her fellow actors for their passionate dedication and brilliant work. “Allison, I know I don’t really know you, but just want to be you. I do, or just stroke you or something. I mean we could always kiss, maybe?” she said. As Allison Janney, headed on stage to give Kate a quick kiss, titanic, Titanic Actress, Kate Winslet said, “Oh, it’s going to happen! This is an exciting moment, isn’t it?”

Kate also shares their photo on twitter and tweet,” Kate joked about wanting to kiss Allison Janney and Allison went up on stage to kiss her @hollywoodawards.”

Harrison Ford made an appearance in award function to honor the producers of “Blade Runner 20149” producers, while Angelina Jolie and Loung Ung were recognized for movie “First They Killed My Father.” Dustin Hoffman presented his co-star Adam Sandler for “The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected).”

Amy Adams, Annette Bening, Dakota Johnson, Eva Longoria, Melissa McCarthy, Vince Vaughn, Shailene Woodley, James Franco, and Dave Franco, also gave their attendance and honorees in this Hollywood film fare award.

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