Karni sena threatens to burn theater if Padmavat releases

Karni sena threatens to burn theater if Padmavat releases

The official release date of Padmavat is 25 January now after a very long haul. The original release date (1st December) of Padmavat was postponed because a radical Rajput group from Rajasthan did violent protest against the release of the film because apparently the film had queen Padmini in objectionable ways. Karni sena never saw the film and started issuing death threats against director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and actor Deepika Padukone. Karni sena had put bounties on the heads of these 2 worth of 5 crores and said whoever kills them will get that money from them.

Karni sena did these horrific things against Bhansali and Deepika in media and in a very open way even than the government or police did not bat an eye on them. The release was postponed indefinitely as a man was found hang from the fort of Chittor with a written message on him that said if the film releases more of this will happen. After fighting against all the odds with the radical politics of this country and censor board Padmavat finally gets a release date. The members of Karni sena has now threatened that they will burn down the theaters if they played the film.

What exhibitor would risk his theater getting burnt for the profit of merely one film, none. Karni sena has their active workers more in Rajasthan hence it will be difficult for the film to get a release there but maybe the rest of India isn’t as dim witted. This radical group is stopped by absolutely no government authority and since they are not stopping them, they are helping them as there is no middle ground. With the help of learned historians Censor board of Film Certification passed the film with a U/A rating with some minor changes like putting a disclaimer here and there and removing an “I” from the film and making it Padmavat.

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