Karan Johar talks about Kangana Ranaut, would love to invite her on show

Karan Johar talks about Kangana Ranaut, would love to invite her on show
Written by Abhishek Rana

Karan Johar has spoken about Kangana Ranaut once again, but this time he might be trying to mend his relationship with the acclaimed actress and starlet. The influential Director and Producer has said that he would love to have Kangana on his television reality talent show, India’s Next Superstars. Karan made the comment at the press conference for the show, “I am sure if Star Plus invites Kangana Ranaut, we will be very happy to have her. Our hearts are big, our home is open…” he said. Speaking further on the topic, he said, “If we send an invite, we will welcome them with all due respect and love.”

The last time Kangana was invited on Karan’s show, Coffee with Karan, the whole movie Industry had to face with the nepotism accusations that Kangana leveled against Karan, saying that he usually gives big and better movie launches to star kids, while actors who have no personal connections to the Bollywood biggies have to fend for themselves in smaller roles in movies.

Kangana’s comments launched a controversy that forced Bollywood to face the reality of how certain people have the advantage of being born in a rich family with lots of connections and their careers only survive because everyone keeps giving them chances to become a star.

Now, it looks like Karan, who yelled “Nepotism rules” on his own show, and has since then apologized to Kangana, will like to  mend their relationship. And since Kangana is an acclaimed actress with three National awards, she would make a very good guest for an acting judging show. Of course, it will be up to her entirely if she wants to come to the show, but it is encouraging that Karan still wants to maintain a good relationship with the actress.

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