Kapil Sharma’s Firgani to be released on 1 December

Kapil Sharma’s Firgani to be released on 1 December

Kapil Sharma’s Firangi has been now delayed, and will be released on 1 December 2017, because the CBFC has regulated the 68 days it is going to grant the movies any certificate. In the case of Firangi, it has yet to get clearance from the board, because of the bizarre shake up in the review of the movies. CBFC was supposed to give clearance to Firangi Padmavati and other Indian moives, but because of the nationwide protests related to the latter, and some technical difficulties, it couldn’t certify it in time. The delay has resulted in the indefinite postponing of Padmvati and other movies.

Salman Khan’s Tiger Zinda Hai is also likely to be affected by the imposition of this new-old rule, and its release could be delayed until the end tail of December.

Other, International movies like Murder on the Orient Express and Thank you for your service which were scheduled to be released on 1 December have also been delayed, only because Padmavati’s postponing.

Curiously, even if it has been banned in three states sight unseen, Padmavati was cleared by the Britian’s censor board, with a release date that still states 1 December. The final cut, that consists of 2 hours 44 minutes, (shorter than the 3 hours 13 minutes for India) was approved without a single cut, and given a 12A certificate. It is yet to be seen if the movie is going to be released in the international market before opening in India, but it should come as a relief for the producers that its at least been approved and will be seen by people without any controversy.

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