Kapil Sharma is taking legal actions against Spotboye after ugly spat on twitter

Kapil Sharma is taking legal actions against Spotboye after ugly spat on twitter

Kapil Sharma is on a roller coaster which is riding on life and not in a very balanced way. Comedian took to twitter and posted three pictures of legal documents which he has produced with his lawyer to deal with spotboye organization over their claims about Kapil’s career. In those documents it is clearly stated that his once managers Ms. Neeti and Preeti failed to do their job right as far as conducting the schedules was concerned. Kapil’s lawyer has clearly mentioned that managers did not do justice to their part in Kapil’s career which is why many of his shows got cancelled and bad reputation reflected back on him.

As direct as it gets, Kapil and his legal team have claimed that spotboye wanted to pay 25 lacs to Mr. Gurjot (a close associate of Kapil) to gather damaging information about Kapil during the time of ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma). He claims that company wanted to seriously damage his reputation and cash in on him which has affected his emotional and physical health. According to him, spotboye was just trying defame him by calling him many things such as ‘celebrity out of control’.

Kapil even posted a tweet where he says that all the abusive tweets were written by him and it was his team that deleted them. Kapil mentioned that those are the words eh wanted to use because he has had enough of people using his popularity to increase their sales while being completely indifferent to how it is affecting his life. One of the drawbacks of reaching on top is that only way left is now downwards. Kapil has been the most successful comedian in India for a long time but now his luck ran out and even his new show ‘Family Time with Kapil Sharma’ is not gathering the kind of TRP’s he is used to.

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