Kapil Sharma to return with a new show on Sony Channel

Kapil Sharma to return with a new show on Sony Channel

Comedian Kapil Sharma is coming back to television with a new show. His new show, which is being hailed as something entirely new for the actor, is going to premiere on Sony Channel. Kapil won’t be back on Colors, because of his previous rift about his previous show, Comedy nights with Kapil. Sony recently put out an ad, which sees Kapil trying to get an auto wala, but is refused by the driver because he is flop now, until, he gets a call from Sony. He tells that he’s going to come back with something that will be more than just comedy.

Kapil had turned to do movies after a series of controversies that had caused his professional life to become more exposed to scrutiny. But he couldn’t find much success, as he had on television, so maybe he decided to come back with something that is going to make people laugh and be substantial from his other ventures.

There have been many speculations about the show, mostly that it could be similar to Comedy nights with Kapil, but the only thing that people want to know the most is if he is going to work with his loyal cast again. It is important to note that Bua ji, Dadi, and Gutthi are one of the most memorable characters from a comedy show in India for a long time, and people will surely love to see those actors again on-screen, even if in a different disguise. Here’s hoping the best for Kapil.

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