Life 360 Kannada movie is all about carving your own path

Life 360 Kannada movie is all about carving your own path

Life 360 is an upcoming Kannada movie based on Travel, Love and Life. This movie is the brainchild of an engineering graduate Arjun Kishore Chandra, who is the writer, director and lead actor in the movie. Deriving his inspiration from Kannada director Pawan Kumar and Anurag Kashyap from Bollywood, Arjun decided to take the leap of faith and go ahead with his dream of making a movie.

Apart from Arjun himself, the film’s star cast includes Anusha Rangnath, Hemanth Sushil, Paayal Radhakrishna, Sri Sridhar, Sri Biradar, Sardhar Sathya and Silli Lalli Srinivas. Life 360 is produced by S. Rajashekar, which was initially crowdfunded but now is being presented under the banner Sri Sai Gagan Productions.

The plot of the film follows the life of Shishir, a dejected lover, dumped by his girlfriend, who sets his foot on the pedal and starts his journey on a bicycle. He, who is also a rock climber, encounters different people during his journey, who inspire him in unknown ways and leave an ever-lasting deep impression on his heart and mind. He who was an atheist initially, overcomes his heart break, goes back home and starts working on helping the physically challenged and in the process goes on to become a successful entrepreneur.

The film has been shot entirely in the beautiful locales of Karnataka in over 20 districts and cinematographer Anil Kumar has outdone himself with capturing nature at its best. Since, initially nearly 50% of the funds were crowdsourced, the entire crew of the film travelled during the nights and shot the film during the day to avoid camera rentals and stay expenses, so that the budget of the film could be minimised.

Producer Rajashekar came on board only after getting impressed by the passion in the young team and sensing their commitment to the project. Life 360 is up for release tomorrow on June 2.

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