Kannada film Eleyaru Naavu Geleyaru ready for release this Friday

Kannada film Eleyaru Naavu Geleyaru ready for release this Friday

The Kannada Children film ‘Eleyaru Naavu Geleyaru’ starring ten kids from the popular acting based talent hunt show ‘Drama Juniors’ telecast on Zee Kannada channel is all set for release on June 2nd all over Karnataka. The film has been written and produced by Nagraj Gopal, with debutant Vikram Soori in the director’s seat. Take a look at the incredibly talented set of kids in the trailer of the film.

The film stars Achintya, Tejaswini, Mahathi, Nihal, Sooraj,Sagar Vishnu,Tushaar, Amog, Mahendra, Puttaraju and Abhishek, who were all contestants on ‘Drama Juniors’.

The story of the film revolves around these set of children, with each of them being uniquely talented but also naughty and adventurous at the same time. The film shows how these kids tackle problems coming their way using their own special skills. The movie maintains that education is a very important aspect of a child’s upbringing, but it also believes that every child is special and unique in their own way and every child’s uniqueness needs to be celebrated and encouraged.

The music of the film composed by Anoop Seelin has been hitting the right chords with the audience already and is a major hit. The makers of Eleyaru Naavu Geleyaru tried to make the film into a complete commercial entertainer and not restrict it to being just for the younger audience.

The shooting for the film was completed in 42 days in and around the surrounding areas of Mysore, Ramanagar and Shimoga. One bad move on the part of the makers of this film, that has been pointed by the audience is that the film was not released during the summer vacation period, when a large number of children could have watched it, instead it is being released close to when the schools are preparing to re-open after the vacation.

Well, let’s hope the film manages to attract the audiences to the theatres despite this.

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