After Hrithik Roshan posted a letter on twitter today, blaming Kangana Ranaut for trying to defile his image by branding him as a creep, Kangana’s Sister, Rangoli Chandel has posted a snapshot of Hrithik’s email to Kangana and a photograph of the couple together, accusing him of lying to people and asking him if he thinks the photograph looks photoshopped or edited in any way.

In the photograph posted by Chandel, Hrithik seems to be embracing Kangana and it seems clear that the photo is indeed not edited or photoshopped to look like it. The following email details Hrithik telling Kangana to wait for some news to settle and that it is a very difficult and busy life they live and that’s why they’re unable to meet each other more often.

Chandel followed the photograph and email by asking Hrithik why he is lying and why is he taking his wife’s help in hiding the affair.

If the photograph and the email is authentic, it could be very harmful for Hrithik’s image since it’d be clear that he’s been lying to the public and that he did indeed have an affair with Kangana two years ago.

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