Kangana Ranaut supports Deepika Padukone, won’t sign the petition

Kangana Ranaut supports Deepika Padukone, won’t sign the petition
Written by Abhishek Rana

Deepika Padukone has been getting death threats because of the controversial movie, Padmavati and has 10 million bounty set on her head for speaking in the support of its release. Kangana Ranaut has spoken is support of the actress, but has plainly stated that she won’t be singing Shabana Azmi’s “Deepika Bachao” petition, asking Narendra Modi about increasing Deepika’s protection. Kangana has spoken to a publication, about the topic and the controversy, she said, “I was filming Manikarnika in Jodhpur when I got a call from dear friend Anushka Sharma to sign the petition written by Ms. Shabana Azmi. I explained to her that Deepika Padukone has all my support but i am a bit wary of Shabana Azmi’s investment in left wing Vs right wing politics.”

She continued, “I have my own set of ideas and opinions about the current situation in our country. I am on the fence about many things and being part of a feminist movement called Deepika Bachao led by someone who character assassinated me when i was bullied by influential men, seems to be one of them. Anushka understood but I am glad they reached out to me like i said, Deepika has all my support, i am an individual perfectly capable of supporting who i like without anyone’s support.”

Kangana seems to be referring Farhan Akhtar, who had written a Facebook post in which he had defended Hrithik Roshan instead of her, and caused more people to stand against her some months ago.

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