Kangana Ranaut opens up on Aap Ki Adalat : Get to know details on India Tv today at 10 pm

Kangana Ranaut opens up on Aap Ki Adalat : Get to know details on India Tv today at 10 pm
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Kangana Ranaut is a Bollywood actress who can also be given the name of Controversy Queen of the industry as she always gets surrounded or trapped in one or the other controversies and is generally misunderstood by the people. Recently, the actress made her appearance at the Rajat Sharma Show on India Tv and opened up about her relationship with Hrithik Roshan which was completely controversial.

The Queen actress said that she has been insulted and abused by Hrithik Roshan when they were in a relationship during the shoots of Krish 3. She also added that Hrithik’s father Rakesh Roshan promise to schedule a meeting with his son but he broke the promise and till date did not turned up. The surprising fact is that when the actress was being questioned by Rajat Sharma, she answered all the questions in a very cool way and that too without fumbling not even once which proves her honesty.

The actress clarifies that she also wanted to quit off the relationship as he was married but after every success film of her, he (Hrithik) used to turn up again apologising to her which became a mental torture for the actress. Hrithik Roshan used all the personal messages and mails in front of the media to prove himself wrong which was really embarrassing for the actress.  Lets take a look what she has to say:

There are many phases to this case and that only be opened up with the truths of both the actors But for now when Kangana wants to recite the whole story lets wait for her statements that she will reveal today on India Tv with Rajat Sharma at 9pm. So stay tuned with us till then for the latest updates!!

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