Manikarnika movie actress Kangana Ranaut seems to have a bad day on the sets of the movie she is working for these days. Recently, the actress was shooting a sequence with her co-star Nihar Pandya where the sword fight went wrong and Kangana got severely hurt. As per the reports, in the scene she was expected to lower her head when Nihar would swung the sword at her but because she did a mistake and also the timing went wrong as a result the sword hit her between the eyebrows which led to getting her 15 stitches. The shooting was taking place in Hyderabad when the actress got hurt and was rushed to Apollo hospital and admitted at the ICCU. Now she is admitted and is expected to get discharged next week.

Kamal Jain, the producer of the movie said that Kangana’s co-star Nihar felt very guilty about the incident and is apologetic but Kangana pacified him. Although, this incident would not have happened if she used body double for the fight sequences. But as the actress is very much dynamic and perfect in her roles she never prefers for a body double for any of the roles. As per the reports, the actress has decided to resume her shooting and she will also flaunt her scar in the movie. As Rani of Jhansi was a warrior, so flaunting her scar would look good instead and will also signify her role.

The movie will release on 27th April, 2018 and we wish the actress good health and hope that she gets well soon.








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