Kanam movie review: One horror of a horror film

Kanam movie review: One horror of a horror film

Kanam starts off as a regular horror film with a bunch of scary shots of doors and dark with a potential ghost and it almost ends that way. Kanam is terrifying to a 5 year old who has never seen a horror film before but any consumer of decent horror films might sleep in it and rather think of bad exam grades to get scared. Film is not self aware and pretends to be deeper than the depth with in story itself and it’s a bad idea.

Horror is always highly dependent on direction and other technical aspects such as cinematography and sound design though plot of the film is of prime importance i only reveals itself in the larger scheme of things but the scenes and thrill is only constructed by technical superiority which A.L. Vijay lacks completely. The idea of ghost and it’s juxtaposition with the cruel method of forced abortion is good for a social message and evils that exist in the society but it does not completely dwell in the rhythm of fine storytelling which should have been taken care of in the scripting stage of the film.

Climax is one of the most enthralling part of any where which means to leave the viewer terrified but Kanam is overtly audacious and tries to pick up an intense pace from the beginning which does not lead up to the end. The character of child which is support to terrify people is shot rather brightly in comparison to the rest of film and dressed in white with no physical sign of pain and her expressions are kept blank all the time. In his might director did everything opposite of what they have done in horror to scare with a child ghost but opposite does not necessarily mean good and in this case rather thoughtless. Overall this film can be missed with pure joy.

Kanam movie review

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