Kammara Sambhavam movie review: Siddharth shines in his Malayalam debut

Kammara Sambhavam movie review: Siddharth shines in his Malayalam debut
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Malayalam cinema is simply out there to shine through the roof of content and dwarf the films made in any other language. Tamil actor Siddharth made his debut through this film in which he has delivered one of the most complex performance of his career. In the finer scheme of things, it is basically a well made film which does uses the element of mass to increase the performance value of Dileep as a protagonist because Siddharth’s antagonist is just too strong. Since this is set in pre-Independence era of India, the production value is sketched out quite well.

Art department of the film must have had to work with incredibly finer detailing of putting up a set because there is not a lot of budget in Malayalam cinema hence too much experimenting can’t be done. In the limited scheme of available film budget, the makers have been able to pull an incredible looking film which would meet the eye expectation of the audience. Director has very smartly sketched the shots so that the plot’s scope meet the production requirements without having to go overboard and some of it is just classic film making.

Color of ‘Godfather’ which was made in 1972 does not still fascinate audience because of it’s production value but how Gordon Willis lit the scenes and similar is the case with this film. Color tone given in the edit just marries the lighting on the set and looks wonderful up on screen. Story of the film is fairly simple but emotions are being hit up on the right note and will manage to dwell in the mind of an audience. Performances are world class and support the narrative instead of trying to be above it. Direction is right on point and many people should go to see this venture.

Kammara Sambhavam movie review

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