Kamal Hassan talks about the condition of Tamil Nadu and alliance with Rajinikanth

Kamal Hassan talks about the condition of Tamil Nadu and alliance with Rajinikanth
Written by Abhishek Rana

Kamal Hassan made quite a few revealing statement in his commencement speech at the Harvard University today. He also launched his website, naalainamadhe.maiam.com. He had been invited for the annual Indian conference at the Harvard Kennedy School. Hassan said, “I am announcing a plan of adopting a village in every district of Tamil Nadu… With the vision of making them the best villages in the world.” “All is not well with Tamil Nadu.” Hassan, who has recently declared his political ambitions, said that he will begin by adopting one village, work on its progress and slowly try to accumulate many more that are not privileged enough.

But, the most noteworthy statement made by Hassan was in relation to actor Rajinikanth. There had been reports that the two actors, who are immensely influential in the south, could form an alliance to strengthen their political parties, but Hassan seems to have some reservations.

“There is a hue of saffron in Rajni’s politics. If that doesn’t change, then I don’t see an alliance with him.” Hassan said, “My politics will definitely not be saffron.”But he didn’t deny an alliance from other parties, as when he was pressured by Journalist Barkha Dutt, he said that he could try to reach out to people. “If there is no majority, it’s the people’s verdict. Then I would not have to sit but stand and wait for the next time.”

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