Kamal Hassan hints of entering politics on twitter

Kamal Hassan hints of entering politics on twitter
Written by Shubham Jain

Kamal Hassan tweeted a Tamil poem on his twitter account which hints at that he may join politics in the near future. He has many times outspoken his mind on several poilitical issues. He recently said that there is corruption in all the state departments of Tamil Nadu. Due to which many leaders of AIADMK, the Ruling Party in state are angry at hassan and protesting against him.

Reacting to the controversy surrounding Kamal’s views and the reality show, former Parliamentarian of AIADMK party K.C. Palaniswamy told IANS: “The ministers pouncing on him is sort of a diversionary tactic from other issues like special facilities given to V.K. Sasikala in the Bengaluru prison and others.”

“A reality show on this concept would have shown the travails of a farmer to the world and would have got the global acclaim. Actually farmers are the Big Bosses in the world. There are many crops that could be raised in 90 days and ‘Bigg Boss’ is a 100-days show,” Palaniswamy said.

He does not agree that Kamal is nurturing any political ambitions.

“There were criticisms against his show. His comment about corruption in government departments has deflected the criticism away from the show,” Palaniswamy said.

The poem which he posted read:

“Let us criticise as nobody now is the king. We will standup as we are not a king like you. Defeated and dead than militant. If I decide, I am Chief Minister. Those who bow are they slaves? Those who give up crown are they losers?

“It is wrong chase them as fools. The paths which are not searched will not be seen. Come with me friend, one who attempts to avoid fanaticism/superstition is a leader,”

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