Kalakalappu 2 movie review: A hysterical comedy

Kalakalappu 2 movie review: A hysterical comedy
Written by Abhishek Rana

Kalakalappu 2, directed by Sundar C, and starring Jiiva, Jiya and Shiva among others is the sequel of the 2012 movie, Kalakalappu. It is a joyful, and hysterical comedy, with well written characters and colorful cinematography. Director and writer Sundar C, who also made the previous movie has the knack of original quips and gags that never feel old or cliches. There’s a little bit of cringe comedy aspect to the movie, which is exploited by all the cast members perfectly. There is very little plot to follow around, but its the characters that tell the story and who are the most interesting thing about the movie.

Director Sundar C knows exactly what to do with his actors and they never let him down, as the situations, however maddening and improbable, are always handled with just a bit of realism that grounds them in the real world, so no one devolves into caricatures. The cinematography is also one of the strengths of the movie, as it is colorful and chaotic, with the colors of holi just popping out of the frame. The scenes are also lighter appropriately.

And the actors, on whom the humor depends, and they don’t disappoint. Jivva, is natural in the loopy setting of the movie, getting by his charm and talent with even the most insane scenes. While Jiya proves to be his equal in hilarity, and she shines in her own scenes, never losing the focus of her character. All the supporting performances are great, and they all give so much to the film that it’d be impossible to think of the impact of the movie without them. This movie deserves to be seen.


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