Kalaipuli Thaanu says Selva Kumar’s claim false about Rajinikanth starrer ‘Kabali’

Kalaipuli Thaanu says Selva Kumar’s claim false about Rajinikanth starrer ‘Kabali’
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Kalaipuli Thaanu who is the producer of Kabali, released he film in 2016. Rajinikanth starrer did not meet the expectations as far as box office is concerned because the film had a lot of negative reports from the fans but eventually it did turn out to be a profitable venture for him. Kabali opened to pack houses in Tamil Nadu and many other places as Rajini’s film do but in a day or two it got clear that the film is not as well made as Rajini is used to especially working with Shankar continuously.

Kabali was made and released on the budget of somewhere around 100 crores though box office collection of this film is quite disputed with many organizations claiming the film to have banked more than 600 crores worldwide while some mentioning that domestic gross was 215 crores while internationally film marked 262 crores to a total of 477 crores. Any of the figures could be true but it sure denotes that Kabali was a successful venture but Selva Kumar claimed that Bangalore distribution of the film lost around 1.50 crores while producer Thaanu said that Selva has nothing to do with the distribution of Bangalore.

According to Thanu Venugopal from Bangalore was in charge of the distribution and no loss has been reported to him about the film. Selva came out with his factors after two years of Kabali release for some reason and it could b because Rajini’s upcoming Kaala has found the release date. Kaala will hit the theaters on 27 April and it is produced by Dhanush while it is being directed by P.A Ranjith who directed Kabali as well. Rajinikanth is one of the only stars in the world cinema who can almost guarantee a certain number of audience through his stardom and his films rarely go into losses even if they are not that good which is exactly the case with Kabali.

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